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This is the BLOG site of your dreams. Read and comment on my Blog.  Or, shop until you drop.  Everything you need is here, and more.

Make a statement with how you dress for work and play.

Science: What is it? 


Scientist and Engineers are always at work to test their latest theories that brings them closer to developing buildings that are stronger and more sound structures that will hold up under the worst hurricane, or cyclone.


Diseases that have crippled and killed billions throughout human existence since the times before Moses, are being researched and cures, treatments, and vaccines have been and are now being tested to stop the spread of these horrible plaques. All done by the untiring effers of Science and Scientists. 

Featured Products:


This little guy is great.  Being a skeptic, I asked myself the question how can a tiny little box cool my room.  I bought it out of curiosity.  WOW !!  This really works.  Click here for a full description.


Our pet lovers will love this.  We do know the importance of supplying owners with pet products.


Questions for the day:  Why is the Republican Party failing the American people? Why are they pushing laws to restrict voters from voting? And why are we letting them do this?  Re-establishing SLAVERY laws could be next.  I smell the stench of it in the air.  All Americans must vote republicans out of office in every state.

Because the Covid virus has mutated into the Delta virus, and now the Omicron Variant, you can order masks and shields here or click on BLOG, or Health Items.  Save yourselves, family members, and friends, wear a mask, but it's critical that EVERYONE get the vaccineFinal point; don't get your medical advice from an internet social media website, people or friends at the bar or PTA meetings. Don't take serious what cable news outlets say. Always ask your family doctor, hospital Physician, or local Clinic Doctors for straight advice on what to do regarding using masks and vaccinating you and all members of your family. 

Men Work and Dress Clothing
Women Clothing and shoes
Clothing and products for our babies
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If you own a home or just purchased one, we can help furnished your home. Checkout the Living Room, Bedroom Items, and Kitchenware.

I want to recommend the best clothing from my our own personal experience, that is stylist, comfortable, and durable for work, home, events around town, and any other occasion, at a budget that fits you and your family.  But don't worry, I did not forget our pets.   

Products for the puppies and adult dogs
Products for our Kitties and adult cats

Also check on Home Products for additional home cleaning items.

Science is the systematic study of structure and behaviour of physical and natural world observation and the experiences of life.  In other word, a study of understanding and make life better for all people.  Human beings, people, are the reason for existence of science.  We no longer sit on rocks because of science.  We no longer sleep in the rain because of science.  Or bake in the hot sun on 90 plus degree weather.  Science is the reason why we live in houses, apartments, have electricity, running water, and drive in cars, like that 57 Chevy with a 454 big block engine and an Allison Transmission.  Refrigerators, Freezers, Black and Decker Miter Saws, Mechanics Tool Sets, AR15 rifle, the M134-GAU-17 Gatling Gun, cordless phones, cell phones, sewing machines, grandpa's paste maker that keeps him alive Christmas after Christmas, after Christmas, all because of Science. What do you do when you a very bad head ack, hit yourself in the head with a rock, or do you take Tylenol, Advil, or a nice cup of tea.  All this is possible because of science. You get the picture.  Science is responsible for all on it.  Do you think all these comforts just fell from the sky into our laps.  Science is responsible for all of today's comforts.  So, when you see and hear local or national news stations, cable news media, internet website, social media sites, politicians, lawyers, profession liars say how bad science is, first stand up and look around, or site back in your favorite chair and question real hard, what they are saying.  They are trying to talk you into something that they want you to believe, that despite all the comfort you have as a result of science, science is the engine that is working for you. 

Clothing has changed from generation to generation, then back again.  It has gone from formal to casual, business attire to gym clothes.  This Blog site displays and offer a place to go and buy styles that fit your life.  You will enjoy the stuff you see.  Also, this site will grow as society offers the best and different clothing styles.  I will increase this site with the best from producers or companies with the most stylist offerings.   


humm.... I find this site very interesting. You may find it helpful too.  It's not just another shopping site, but just the things you need and want in one place.

We now have computers and accessories for your review.  And if you like it, you can buy it. 


I have added other pages and postings from furniture, kitchen appliances, and, lawn and gardening, and automobile products (Guys, take a look at Auto Essentials.  Their are 2 items - a battery charger and car jump starter that saved my bacon a couple of times.  You got to check this Blog Post - Auto Essentials).  

From this Blog site I am going to share with you some of the comforts I am experiencing that I feel others will benefit from.  How I made some simple decisions that lead to living a very comfortable life, and you don't have to be a millionaire to do so.  Like many folks, I have a job, a mortgage, and bills to pay.  However, I am not stress, and feel good about the fact that I am not living from pay check to check or month to month.  If you are interested, I'll show you how.  Just stick to this Blog.  Whether you buy anything or not does not matter.  I will gladly share my knowledge and experience.

You can even order Foods products and have them sent to you directly.  Click Here 


Will we stop finding things and products for your everyday need and use?  The answer is no.  


Better building A/C units are always being tested and  upgraded by Engineers to deliver better heating and cooling through every season. 


The F15 Eagle, the most powerful combat jet of the US Air Force.  Unmatched and undefeated in combat, are the results of weapon Scientist and Engineers.


And yet, they work to make it even better.

Bottom Line:  Let no one tell you that science is bad.  Science is good, people are bad.  Amen..


For those that like getting their hands dirty, a Gardening page to buy products to grow a flower garden or produce garden, has been added.

Look at this puppy.  You have to buy him something.


And these guys are so cute.  Click here to get something for them.


Ladies, there is even a page with only women shoes. Along with Women's Clothing.


What do you thing:  Is anyone really following the Olympics.  Most people in the office rather see Ron DeSantis booted out of Congress and Trump in jail.

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