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Puppies and Adult Dogs

Use this site to search for items for your puppy and adult dog

All our puppies and adult dogs need our love too.  As adorable as they are, it can sometimes be overwhelming to welcome a puppy into your life.  Many people contend that dogs consider themselves and humans part of the same pack. In families with multiple dogs, there will be an alpha dog for dog dealings, although the alpha may vary from day to day, or based on the circumstances. But they should still acknowledge a human in the family as their alpha leader.  Click on the "Puppies and Adult Dogs" for items that our dogs like to play with.  

Kitty cats and kittens along with Infants and Baby clothing are new postings that you will also find interesting items.  Select anyone of the items here to see a description, order items, and more.


Squirrel Squeaky Toys

Dog Bed

Kong Chew Toy
Puppy treats
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